New Video Processor LISTEN VP1000X RGB Full Color | Videotron V1000X


VP1000X is a high performance video processor by Listen Vision, which has 6 input interfaces like 1*DVI, 1*HDMI, 1*VGA, 1*CVBS, 1*USB, 1*Audio, and 3 output interfaces including 2*DVI and 1*Audio. Max 2,65 million pixels makes VP1000Plus display perfectly.

Deskripsi :
1. max 2.65million with width up to 3,960 and height up to 2,000
2. support free input, fade in/out, seamless switch play video via USB
4. audio input/output, and switch audio and video at the time
5. support upper computer and connect with central console and support RS232
6. Support Android USB input (USBE) and SDI extended input
7. Strong splicing, support multiple processor to splice synchronously horizontally and vertically and 10*10 splicing

LED Video Processor — VP1000
Video input: DVIx1, HDMIx1, VGAx1, CVBSx2, USBx2
Video output: DVIx2, VGAx1
Audio input: HDMIx1, 3.5mm audio interface x1
Audio output: 3.5mm audio interface x1
PC control interface: USBx1
USB upgrade: USBx1
LCD screen: 2.4inches full color LCDx1
Key: x18
Knob: x1
Sending card slot: x2

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CP: 0822-1624-3486

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Video Processor LISTEN VP1000X RGB Full Color | Videotron V1000X

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